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Stats, Fact and Figures:

  • Origin                                  Ethiopia
  • Region                                 Nansebo, Sidama
  • Variety                                 Heirloom
  • Altitude                               1800-2000 meter
  • Processing Method           Wet Process

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Star Spangled Roasters is a fan of Ethiopian coffees.  The birthplace of our favorite bean keeps us dreaming about Kaldi and his goats.  Sidama coffees are well known and offer a nice finish in a darker roast so we are going to a Full City on the Nansebo.  In fact this coffee is roasted dark enough to be tried as an espresso.  The chocolate notes of this coffee are intertwined with a blueberry taste, which makes for one interesting and delicious cup of coffee.

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Photos courtesy The Coffee Shrub

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 2.5 × 9 in
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French, Drip, Pour Over, Chemex, Espresso, Whole Bean